tour de kainuu 2021

Route changes to Saturday Vaarojen kierto route

Tour de Kainuu second day 150 kilometers Vaarojen kierto route has been changed due the road works. We have also moved the finish line to the peek of Vuokatinvaara, so day has an amazing final.

Saturdays route include Kajaani-Sotkamo area hardest climbs Leihuvaara, Naapurinvaara ja Vuokatinvaara. Overall route terrain is very versatile and the second day leg is classificated to demanding.

Northern Finland Regional State Administrative Agency has removed 1.6 assembly resrictions in Kainuu, so Tour de Kainuu can be organisized in full capasite. Healthsafety is priority in Tour de Kainuu, so attending is safe.

Register now and feel the joy of cycling in Kainuu mountain range !

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