Environmental policy 

Kainuun Liikunta ry actively promotes environmental responsibility not only in its own operations, but also in relation to stakeholders and regional influence. From our operations, the main priorities are the success of event waste management and sorting, as well as the reduction of emissions from logistics and customer mobility. We are constantly looking for ways to influence the eco-efficiency of event facilities managed by municipalities and other operators in our area of ​​operation. 

Kainuu Sports organizes sports events that cause only a small burden on the environment. The events take place in the delicate and unique nature of Kainuu, where our participants know how to move with respect for the environment. All design takes into account the minimization of emissions, waste and materials used. We communicate effectively and increase our customers ’understanding of how participating in our nature sports events would be environmentally friendly. Our activities also include an element of environmental education, which is emphasized above all in our family sports events.