Event information

Maantiepyöräilijät pyöräilemässä vaaranpäällä

Friday 1.7.2022


  • 11.00 Competition office opens, Sokos Hotel Vuokatti (lobby)
  • From 14.00, cyclists will leave in groups of 45 people
    • 14.00 35–40 km / h high speed groups
    • 14.05 30–32 km / h average speed groups
    • 14.10 25 km / h average speed groups
  • 18.30 The last cyclists will arrive at the finish line of the first stage
  • 17.30–19.30 Dining, Sokos Hotel Vuokatti
  • 20.00 Get-together
    • o Product raffle
    • o Reviewing routes
  • 20.00 the Competition Office closes, Sokos Hotel Vuokatti

Saturday 2.7.2022

  •  8.00 the Competition Office opens, Sokos Hotel Vuokatti (lobby) 
  • From 9.00 am, cyclists will leave in groups of 45 people
    • 9.00 35-40 km / h high speed groups 
    • 9.05 30-32 km / h average speed groups 
    • 9.10 25 km / h average speed groups 
  • 14.00–18.00 Dining, Sokos Hotel Vuokatti 
  • 17.00 Last cyclists of the second stage to the finish
  • 18.00 the Competition Office and event center closes, Sokos Hotel Vuokatti 

Participation fees

Tour de Nuas (friday)Vaarojen kierto (saturday)Tour de Kainuu (2 day price)
25.9. – 10.10.2021 (EARLYBIRD)50 €50 €100 €
11.11.2021 – 30.4.202270 €70 €130 €
1.5. – 19.6.2022 85 €85 €150 €
Late-registration100 €100 €190 €

Participation fee includes: 

  • beverage and foodatservice points 
  • plenty of food at the finish after both stages 
  • number bibs
  • participant award and a annual sticker
  • electronic printable diploma
  • first aid service
  • bike service (spare parts paid separately)
  • transport to the finish line for those who discontinue the event 
  • shower & sauna and changing rooms after the competition
  • guarded equipment storage during the event 

Event center

The Tour de Kainuu event office is located in the lobby of Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti (Kidekuja 2, 88610 Vuokatti) and opens on Friday 1 July 2022 at 11.00. 

The departure and finish of the Tour de Kainuu is located at the courtyard area of Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti. The parking spaces of the Vuokatti Ice Rink next to the event center are reserved for participants and they serve as an event parking area. 

All of the starts take place in the order of the speed groups. The first to start are the high speed groups, followed by the average speed groups of 30-32 km/h, and the last to start are the 25 km/h average speed groups. The starting order of the groups is the same on Friday and Saturday. 

Traffic control and traffic rules

The Tour de Kainuu is run mainly among normal road traffic, and the route follows traffic rules. Other traffic is warned and directed at larger intersection areas and especially at the places identified as dangerous in advance, for example at road crossings.  There will be no other traffic at the start and finish areas. 

Service points

Cold drinks are available at all service points along the route. You can also fill your own beverage bottles with sports drink or water from the service points. 

At the service points you will find sport drink, juice, water, raisins, bananas and pickles. Saturday service points vary: the first service point serves the refreshments and snacks described above, the second service point offers coffee, coffee bread and candy in addition to the refreshments described above, and the third service point serves the same refreshments and snacks as the first service point. 

You must have a Tour de Kainuu participant number bib in order to use service points. 

The organiser reserves the right to make changes to the route and service points. 


Littering is not accepted at the Tour de Kainuu! 

Do not throw any rubbish along the route but take your rubbish to the next service point rubbish bin. 

If the organiser receives information about the cyclist has littered, this will result a ban on participation for the following year. In  Tour de Kainuu, there is zero tolerance for litter in the event. 

Let’s keep the nature of Finland and Kainuu clean, thank you! 

Covid-19 safety instructions

Kainuu Liikunta motto is #kunnontekemistä (proper doing) and we also make sure that event safety is conducted properly. We cant take the best possible care from our customers and your safety. Persons coming to events must read and commit to this action guide.

We will tackle Covid-19 at Tour de Kainuu with the following steps:

  • Attend only if you are healthy and don’t have symptoms of the Coronavirus.
  • We will recommend using facemask indoors
  • Every customer must action with health safety and others in mind.
  • Customers have a chance to wash their hands.
  • Use Koronavilkku application
  • Cough and sneeze right: cover your mouth and nose with a tissue and put used tissue in the trash and wash your hands.
  • In Indoor spaces we will take a certain amount of people in that is possible to remembering safety distances.
  • In service areas, food and drinks are dosed ready.
  • When eating we recommend sitting with your own group.
  • We recommend using your own accommodation showers.
  • We will clean spaces and surfaces effectively during the event.


Images and videos taken at the event can be used to event marketing. If a participant wants his/her image not to be used in the marketing of the event, he/she is asked to contact the Tour de Kainuu race office immediately after the event.

GPS tracking

Opens on Friday 1 July 2022.

Award ceremony

At the event, cycling-related prizes donated by partners will be raffled among all participants. Awards ceremony on Friday 1.7. at 20.00 will be held at the Get-together event at the Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti.  

ATTENTION! Prizes will not be delivered afterwards.