Friday 1.7.2022

Speed goups

  • 25 km/h average speed group
  • 30-32 km/h average speed group
  • 35-40 km/h high speed group
  • 1 leading rider ja 1 deputy leading rider per group 
  • 45 riders per group


The organiser reserves the right to make changes to the route and service points. 

Route description - Tour de Nuas 85 km

Download .GPX-file here

Friday’sroutegoesroundNuasjärvi, a lake between Vuokatti and Kajaani. Roadsaremainlywell-paved. Routerunsthroughhillsidelandscape of Kainuu and as a whole it canbeclassified as medium. 

Detaileddespcription and highlights: 

From Vuokatti, the route starts towards Kajaani on road number 76. From the Eevala crossroads (highway 8740), the route turns on to Parkua Road (highway 870), from where it continues northwest towards Kajaani. 

The first 10 kilometers are easy and mostly descending terrain. About after 10 kilometers driving, there is an uphill section of about 7 kilometers. It is a gentle, so-called power ascent. The ascent section ends at the highest point of the route (255 meters above sea level) to the village of Parkua. From there, the route continues  fast and gently descending to Kajaani (Highway 6). Kajaani is bypassed on Kehräämöntie via the Petäisenniska industrial area to highway 5. 

After Kajaani, the route continues through the small roads of Takkaranta and Kuluntalahti to Jormua. The terrain is pleasantly variying. 

At about 57 km, the route turns right from Jormua towards Pohjavaara and Vuokatti (road 899). This is where the second so-called power ascent of the route begins, measuring about 4.5 kilometers. The peak (202 mmp) is about 5 kilometers before the village of Pohjavaara. From Pohjavaara, the route turns left towards Vuokatti. At about 69 km from Vuokatti road, the route turns left to the so-called Viinatie (highway 9000), which is named after Kuhmo residents liquor buying trips, as there was no Alko liquor store in Kuhmo before year 1969. Therefore the road between Hietaperä and Taivalkangas was named Viinatie. Viinatie-road is a bit in bad shape, so you should watch out for bumps. 

At 75 km, the route turns right from Viinatie towards Naapurinvaara (road 9010). At this point, the route is very uphill. Hill Naapurinvaara is climbed in steps, and before the last “step”, even the fast drivers are also likely to have to change to a small gear – this is the only time on the route. The most wonderful landscape of the route towards Vuokatti and Nuasjärvi opens up from the hill Naapurivaara. The hill is rapidly descending to Pohjavaarantie (highway 899) with extra care and minding the weak road surface. 

The rest of the route is easy, smooth and fast. The route reaches the finish line at Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti after driving about 85 kilometers. 

Saturday 2.7.2022

Route description - Vaarojen kierto 150 km

Download .GPX-file here.

Saturday’s stage includes the hardest elevations in the Kajaani – Sotkamo area in Leihuvaara, Naapurinvaara and Vuokatti. Otherwise, the route is varied terrain, and the second day stage can be classified as demanding. The route is a completely paved road in good condition on average.

Detailed despcription and highlights:

The route runs from Vuokatti towards Kajaani on the so-called pohjoispuolen tie (road 899). The start is easy, until at about 18 kilometers the ascent section to Leihuvaara, which covers about 5 kilometers, starts (from Pohjavaara, the road changes to number 8990). The climb to Leihuvaara is quite gentle, but in any case the ascent to the end is demanding and the descent is rapid.

From Kuluntalahti, the route turns north (from Kulunnantie to Jormua). In Jormua, the route changes to Highway 5, along which it continues to Kontiomäki. After Kontiomäki, at about 45 km, the route turns to Vartiustie, which leads far to the east (main road 89). The Vartiustie road profile is a comfortably rolling and possibly heavy Kainuu hill. At 60 km from Revonkanta (highway 888), the route turns towards Sotkamo on a slightly more gentle road, the challenge of which largely depends on the prevailing wind direction and strength. With a strong south wind, good following skills and strong drivers are especially needed.

About 25 kilometers north of Sotkamo (on road 888) to the right is Huovisnäreikkö, which is a title forest established in memory of the author Veikko Huovinen from Sotkamo.

At 91 km from Kaitainsalmi, the route turns right onto Viinatie (highway 9000), along which the route runs all the way to the hinterland of Naapurivaara Hill. After this, the most challenging part of the route is ahead. At Naapurinvaara Hill, the journey has taken about 100 kilometers, and after crossing the hill, the route passes Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti, continuing towards Joensuu (highway 899).

In Juurikkalahtithe route turns sharply to the right towards Kajaani (highway 6), when the journey has taken 127 kilometers.

After a slightly challenging crossing of the Vuokatti hill rangethe route turns towards Vuokatti at the Eevala crossroads (main road 76), when the journey has taken 140 kilometers. As a final climaxthe route climbs to Vuokatinvaara Hill (road 8741). The rise of the hill is steepabout 10 %, and its length is 1.7 kilometersThe highlight of the route is on the upper parking lot of the Vuokatinvaara Hill, after which the route rolls down to the front of Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti. Care must be taken when descending the hill (attention must be paid to oncoming cyclists and other traffic). 

Service points

Cold drinks are available at all service points along the route. You can also fill your own beverage bottles with sports drink or water from the service points. 

At the service points you will find sport drink, juice, water, raisins, bananas and pickles.

Saturday service points vary: the first service point serves the refreshments and snacks described above, the second service point offers coffee, coffee bread and chocolate in addition to the refreshments described above, and the third service point serves the same refreshments and snacks as the first service point. 

There is one (1) service point on the Tour de Nuas -route on Friday:

  1. Hupari parking lot (41km driven)

There are three (3) service points on the Vaarojen kierto -route on Saturday:

  1. After the intersection of Viitostie and Kontiomäentie at the resting place. (40km driven)
  2. After the intersection of Ristijärvi and Klemetinvaarantie at resting place. (80km driven)
  3. After the intersection of Nurmestie and Laajaniementie at the resting place (120km driven)

At the finish, participants will be offered meals at the Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti. A vegetable and gluten free option is also available. Participants are kindly requested to inform in advance about the special diets at the registration phase.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the route and service points.